• "Flamme,"

    the fire, simply
  • Alkemia, the philosopher's guitar

    "Solve et Coagula"
  • The sound I seek

    Beauty and purity, simply
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At the heart of sound

Bastien Burlot

Thanks to original design, deep aesthetic and philosophical choices linked to decisive discoveries I have made, and a thorough "from the inside" understanding of the needs of concert performers, I offer a truly innovative instrument that combines beauty, elegance, and rich sound with the performance of the best modern guitars.

Alkemia: The dream of a philosopher’s guitar...

The guitar of philosopher musicians, the Salt of your own inner Work.

The Flamme Guitar

It offers depth, harmonic richness, a variety of colors, projection, power, dynamics, and length of sound, as well as infinite artistic expression capabilities.

HF Technology

The concert guitars "Maestro hf" and "MaestrO2" provide "high fidelity" to your playing: a new sonic space in service of musical expression.