The Dream of a Philosopher's Guitar...


The quest for the Holy Grail, beyond its mystical legend, is above all an intimate journey, a path that can lead to spiritual elevation and even a form of transcendence, which, however, requires delving into the depths of one's inner being.

"Solve et Coagula." As I delved into the study of the luthiers of the past, searching for some hidden mystery to guide my quest, this alchemical precept became evident to me. For over 15 years, I have explored the realm of possibilities, tirelessly seeking to solve the riddles of my craft. Guided by my research, both in acoustics, technique, theory, and the sensitivity and instincts that drive me, my abilities and knowledge continue to refine, leading to fruitful self-questioning. Thus, over time, my creations, as well as my spirit, grow in stature.

And then, one day, the call came.

I am pleased to recall the two or three fascinating guitars that deeply moved me throughout my life as a musician and luthier. Beyond their specific craftsmanship or sonic qualities, it is the profound emotions they evoked that remain ingrained within me. That is the essence of my quest as it appeared to me after all these years: the idea that, beyond mastered craftsmanship, there may exist an intangible element to shape, an enchantment that surpasses mere materiality. Is this not the essence of the arts?

And as I unraveled the thread of history and its secrets a little further, a new door opened before me—the door of builders and cathedrals. Erected in honor of higher principles, these true books of stone, adorned with hermetic symbols and a wealth of geometric and spiritual teachings, serve as bridges between the profane material world and a more sacred realm.

The principle of a new guitar began to take shape, and I realized that mere woodworking was no longer sufficient. I had to strive to experience the common essence of matter and spirit (Laboratory-Oratory), so that from the crucible of my workshop, an instrument would be born that transcends time. Although my current guitars perfectly fit their era, it was necessary to envision and bring forth the timeless.

"Alkemia" is the fruit of this labor. Remaining true to the aspirations of my time, I seek to honor the legacy of a tradition that has elicited my deepest emotions. A fusion of "materia prima" and "spiritus," I cannot claim that it will be a philosopher's stone guitar for you, but I cherish the hope that it becomes the guitar of philosopher musicians—the Salt of your own inner Work.