The "Flamme" and "High Fidelity"

The acoustic guitar "Flamme" offers guitarists from all backgrounds, amateurs or professionals, depth and length of sound, harmonic richness, and a variety of colors, as well as projection, power, and dynamics—essential qualities for a wide range of artistic expression.

Today, with the concert acoustic guitar "Flamme," a new milestone is reached. Of course, it possesses all the characteristics that shape the "Burlot Sound," but it goes even further by now offering an unprecedented homogeneity of perception (guitarist/audience).

Innovations and Evolution

My research was conducted on a configurable prototype of the Burlot guitar, as well as two traditional classical guitars of different craftsmanship levels. These findings were then validated on several full-scale "Maestro hf" concert models and finally on the "Flamme" model with steel strings.

Derived from an extensive series of tests conducted in an acoustic laboratory, following a strict and elaborate protocol entrusted to ENSAM (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de Châlons en Champagne) under the direction of Fabrice Pierron (Professor and Head of the IMC team at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Manufacturing Processes), the acoustic guitar "Flamme" offers an exceptional spectral homogeneity to the guitarist playing it and the audience listening to it.

It is now possible for musicians to transmit the expression of a musical discourse, faithfully capturing all the nuances of tonal variation and sound shaping that no guitar, including the best instruments of traditional design, has allowed before!

The acoustic guitar "Flamme" provides "high fidelity" to your playing: a new sound space serving musical expression.