Bastien Burlot's guitar is astonishing in more ways than one. First of all, it catches the eye with its atypical design: the traditional rosette, usually placed in the center of the soundboard, has been removed and replaced by two openings on the sides, allowing air to circulate freely inside the guitar. This innovative concept allows the entire soundboard to vibrate to produce sound. Moreover, the sound is not projected in a unidirectional manner but diffuses like a halo throughout the room. As a result, the guitarist is sometimes surprised, and the listening experience needs to adapt, but the volume, projection, and clarity of the sound are present, which is crucial. The tone is precise, varied, colorful, and highly responsive to attack. It is a high-level guitar that demands precise technique. Bastien Burlot, being a very skilled guitarist himself, has created a true "guitarist's guitar" with this instrument. The neck and fingerboard provide perfect comfort and ease of playing for the left hand. Lastly, what can I say about the quality of Bastien Burlot's lutherie work? The attention to detail is meticulous, and everything is crafted down to the smallest details. This guitar allows me to remain musically honest without any compromise. It does not limit my musical choices in any way, which is most important to me. Only a few guitars have offered me this. Truly, it is a superb instrument to discover.